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You can get access to the world’s major exchanges using our API. This service will help you to initiate transactions between exchanges, compare quotes, place orders and track order history in a convenient format. On the other hand, an introducing broker (IB) program involves partnering with an existing broker to refer clients, earning a commission on their trades. The IB doesn’t need to fund the infrastructure or manage operations, reducing its financial risk. Today there are multiple pathways for individuals and businesses to launch a brand, with ‘White Label broker’ and ‘introducing broker’ being the two main methods. These approaches enable market access with various commitments, investments, and possible return levels.

The cons of White Label brokers

XCritical is the perfect choice for brokers controlled by different regulators. And on top of that, with a quick and easy setup process, you can be up and running in just two days. Starting a White Label brokerage requires significant effort and investment, but it also provides the option for substantial returns.

The pros of White Label brokers

The system can be adjusted to suit any business structure, even if unconventional. It allows you to effectively establish cooperation with partners, provide customer support, and use all the advantages of a cloud service to form unified reporting and analytics. xcritical CRM facilitates control over business conduct and simplifies the implementation of the selected business strategy. CRM supports opening multiple accounts per client in different base currencies, a convenient option for users who want to diversify their risks.

  1. The supplier offers backend services, including risk management, compliance, and liquidity.
  2. Support specialists also benefit from being connected to the platform.
  3. These approaches enable market access with various commitments, investments, and possible return levels.
  4. This service will help you to initiate transactions between exchanges, compare quotes, place orders and track order history in a convenient format.
  5. The partial White Label model allows for a more budget-friendly entry.

All types of trading orders

They may enter a full-fledged Forex business using this strategy. XCritical’s Signal Swipes provides a unique and exciting trading experience that streamlines the decision-making process. Say goodbye to tedious manual analysis and dive into an engaging trading experience. Try Signal Swipes today and discover a new level of trading enjoyment. Level up newcomer traders‘ strategies with an in-built Autochartist for technical analysis, trading signals, and copy trading capabilities. Utilizing the infrastructure of the larger service provider, you benefit from their expertise and experience in the market.

MyFrontend Software

The marketing team gets insights into conversion rates, understanding when to apply new strategies. Also, the support team will have all the necessary info to provide maximum assistance to your clients. One of the main advantages of XCritical CRM is its flexibility in setting security parameters.

White label forex providers are subject to regulatory oversight, helping businesses adhere to the appropriate rules and regulations. The system design makes this integration easy to implement, so the entire process can be accomplished in no time. Your users can perform crypto currency trades at current market rates, or set their own desired rates, limits, and issue stop orders. The XCritical trading platform meets the highest modern standards including maximum connection speed and compatibility with all mobile devices. With XCritical CRM managers can extend a different access level to organization’s employees, limiting access to confidential customer data.

The proprietary developed mobile trading applications, at the same time, are also improved by the WebRTC calls feature, giving the ability to reach clients, saving expenses on VOIP. The product allows users to determine the sales KPI and efficiency of each brand, project, team, or manager. CRM includes various financial analysis tools and an integrated risk management system. It’s simple to understand why – we provide user-friendly UI/UX designs, more features than any other software, powerful trading signals, and mobile compatibility.

The software seamlessly connects you to 30+ popular exchanges with just one click. CRM enables managers, partners, agents, and employees of all the company departments to view, organize, and manage customer data easily. Users can set up relevant filters when searching the data sets thereby reducing the time and improving the overall efficiency of the organization. White Label brokers run the business, including compliance, customer support, and handling technical issues. Any employee (or a group of employees) may be assigned a ‘position’ according to the functions they perform. For instance, a sales manager, group leader, customer retention manager, etc.

An infrastructure solution that provides the full lifecycle of the cryptocurrency flow from the receipt and identification of payments to withdrawal from the system. It allows you to quickly and securely transact within the crypto marketplace and fully control your funds. Now, a client with cryptocurrency will be able to become your client.